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A New Tower Will Give Celadon Manila a Fresh Look

A New Tower Will Give Celadon Manila a Fresh Look
As the dynamics of in-city living continues to shift towards a more ideal paradigm, it’s no surprise that the shift has extended to the homebuyers market as well. While growth continues to be strong for the suburbs, urban denizens are realizing the perks that condo living has to offer as well.

"The attention high-rise living has been receiving can be attributed to the shift in the aspirational value attached to the development. For young professionals, the access to comprehensive amenities complementary to their dynamic lifestyles will redefine the concept of condo-living. And this is exactly what Celadon Park has to offer," explains Jennylle S. Tupaz, head of Project Development Group. "And coming in the heels of the success of the first tower, we are now introducing Celadon Park Tower Two to give urbanites more opportunities to enjoy its leisurely ideals."

Developed by Alveo Land, an Ayala Land company, Celadon Park easily fits into the residential essentials that young professionals look for in a home. Emphasizing the diversity of lifestyles that future residents now lead, Tower Two will offer a variety of units-from studio to 1-bedroom-that will complement their needs, all anchored on the exceptional masterplan of Celadon Manila, where the high-rise is located. Celadon Park is Alveo Land's testament to upscale leisure condo living.

The Active Lifestyle
Alveo Land recognizes the increased awareness of living an active lifestyle among urban achievers who are now getting out of their couches and are engaging in daily exercise to keep in shape as part of their daily routine.

Celadon Park has been carefully planned to cater to the active needs of its residents by introducing amenities such as a 25-meter lap pool where its residents' investment in good health will start by swimming a few laps a day. "Having an active lifestyle is a commitment, which is why we are giving our residents all the necessary amenities for them to stick to their program," says Tupaz.

Since daily exercise has been proven not only to be good for reducing health risk but also a good way to relieve stress, a long walk or a short calisthenics session across Celadon Park's wide exercise lawn will be a great way to get one's heart pumping. Bounded by the lush greens and open spaces inside the community, Celadon Park will create a community where residents can feel less tired, cheerful and more relaxed even right at the heart of a bustling metropolis.

"Residents will also have direct access to a gym and fitness center at the podium level to show our dedication towards our residents in giving them a range of amenities that will complement their active lifestyle," continues Tupaz.
The Laid-Back Lifestyle
Urban achievers have also become more susceptible to stress because of the fast-paced lives they are now living. While some people prefer to sweat out stress, there are others who just choose to slow down, unwind and just take a breather.

"One of the most unique features of Celadon Park will be its 9,500 square meters of open spaces that will serve as a respite for its busy urban achievers. Celadon Park will continue this sense of space for its residents with amenities that will be designed specifically for relaxation," states Tupaz.

Resort-like amenities will be within residents' reach such as a lounge pool and complementary Jacuzzi nook that will serve as an oasis to cool off. While private massage cabanas in the area reminiscent of a beach hideaway in the tropics will heighten the leisure aspect of the community.

"There will also be sitting areas and garden units at the 5th level that will provide a pleasant and comfortable place for residents to relax comfortably. The space will evoke a sense of well-being among residents following Celadon Manila's thrust to provide relaxation and leisure," continues Tupaz. "And because the development is low in density, these amenities will be enjoyed by residents hassle-free."

The Interactive LifestyleIf there's one trait that Filipinos are most known for, it's that we're friendly. Interaction with neighbors is crucial to a harmonious co-existence in a condominium setting. Although this is sometimes very difficult to do, Celadon Park will have amenities that will foster a sense of community among its residents.

The kiddie pool, children's activity zone and the barbecue and grill area will open opportunities for residents to get to know their neighbors, build lasting friendships, and communicate with each other. "Social interaction is very important in any kind of community, whether it's a townhouse or a condominium," says Tupaz. "

Tied to the dynamic lifestyle changes of its future residents, Celadon Park will continue to work to provide the ideals of upscale leisure condo living in the heart of Manila. And with the launch of Tower Two, more urban denizens will be able to experience the promise of residential ideals that living within an integrated community like Celadon Manila has to offer.

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New Dynamics in Integrated Residential Living

A New Tower Will Give Celadon Manila a Fresh Look

New Dynamics in Integrated Residential Living
If you think that living in your very own Mediterranean-inspired home or an exclusive high-rise five minutes away from your tech-savvy workplace, with the option to enjoy a weekend stroll along a leisure themed shopping strip is not possible at the heart of Manila, then you better think again. 

Celadon Manila, by Ayala Land, is strategically located within San Lazaro. It connects you to a number of top educational and medical institutions as well as commercial and business districts. With leisure at its core and the residents' lifestyles as its anchor, the development perfectly complements the city's progressive potential.

This 6-hectare, in-city development is composed of three distinctive elements that characterize a cohesive urban ecosystem-Shops at Celadon, which is the development's retail component, Vertex One, which is Celadon Manila's business hub and Celadon Residences as well as Celadon Park, which are the project's residential enclave.

The Good Life in an Integrated Leisure Community
"Surrounded by nearly 35,000 square meters of open spaces - the largest in any residential development in Manila - Celadon Residences and Celadon Park, both by Alveo Land, offer a retreat for families and young urban achievers to commune with the beauty of nature, which is a rarity in the city today," says Jennylle S. Tupaz, Head of Project Development Group.

This lush sprawl of green combined with Celadon Residences' Mediterranean-inspired townhomes in an intimate gated residential community reflects the leisurely ideals of Celadon Manila. "We are trying to create a sense of place for residents - a haven not a hive," says Tupaz. She continues to illustrate that Celadon Manila as a whole, was built to be human in scale-thus making it more homey, walkable and easier to relate to.

A good example of this is the Celadon Residences' Village Park. Located at the center of the residential district that offers a wide range of fully-completed recreational facilities like adult and kiddie pools, an open playfield, a children's playground, basketball court and function rooms that encourage community interaction, completing the uptown living experience.

"The growing community of residents within Celadon Residences is also a testament to how effective the aspirational value of one's home is," adds Tupaz "Today, we have 97 families who are able to enjoy the perfect balance between work, family time and leisure."

Similarly, Celadon Park - a vibrant high-rise community for urban achievers - shares the same ideals as that of Celadon Residences. This is most evident in the condominium's integrated leisure club amenities that address the relaxation and recreation needs of its residents. Amenities like the meditation garden, private massage cabanas, swimming pools with wooden lounge deck and gym evoke a sense of well-being. "We want to broaden the living options for our discerning residents by giving them a home that's part of the largest contiguous community in Manila," says Tupaz.

In addition, Celadon Park is now introducing its second tower, which will be built essentially to provide the lifestyle and residential ideals of families and professionals given its well-thought out spaces and variety of unit mix ranging from studio to 2-bedroom units.

The Biggest BPO Site in Manila is Here
With the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) site as part of the community, expect Celadon Manila to be a departure from the traditional real estate developments that you've become familiar with.
Vertex One by Ayala Land Businesscapes is a sleek 14-storey building which is slated to be the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) site in the city is set to dramatically alter the culture and business landscape in Manila.

Its strategic location inside the integrated community of Celadon Manila offers easy access to major thoroughfares and public transport terminals to support the needs of rapidly growing BPO industry and with Convergys being fully operational already, it won't be too long before Vertex One becomes the center of the burgeoning BPO industry in Manila.

And as such, Ayala Land Businesscapes focused on the buildings' density requirements by offering improved facilities that specifically answer the distinct requirements of the BPO industry like larger and faster elevators, additional restroom facilities and efficiently-spaced floor area per employee in both towers.
Because of the tight schedule BPO employees keep, a variety of 24/7 retail establishments are made available to them on the ground floor where they can grab a quick bite before starting their shift or get a cup of coffee before heading home.

A Distinctive Retail Experience in Manila
The presence of a retail venue along Celadon Manila's streetscape not only turns up the leisure aspect of this contiguous community that is home to Vertex One, Celadon Residences and Celadon Park but offers unparalleled convenience for locals living and working in the area.

The 2,500 square meter retail area to be managed by the Ayala Malls Group within the integrated leisure community of Celadon Manila gives its residents a cozy retail venue with a distinctive mix of dining, recreational and leisure establishments, defining a new retail concept in Manila.

Shops at Celadon is what you get when you combine a unique dining experience, a collection of specialty shops and the skillful execution of the Ayala Malls' retail philosophy,

Celadon Manila's integration of a distinctive shopping experience, career advancement and an uptown leisure lifestyle provides a seamless synergy of retail, commercial and residential developments in the largest contiguous community in Manila.

"Every component of Celadon Manila underscores a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle which we expect to raise the bar of living and leisure standards in Manila," Tupaz.

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